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15+ Years Experience

TOD (Trade on Data) - Team

TOD Stock Market Online Training Institute is a team of successful seasoned traders and investors who are experts in trading in trading options related to Nifty50, BankNifty, and Stocks. TOD is a cumulative effort to bring together lessons learnt through experiences to enhance financial literacy. We have a dream to make financial literacy a stepping stone towards materializing financial freedom across the country. We are a team of 25 traders cum trainers, out of which some are SEBI Registered and NISM Certified professionals.

  • 2 Location
  • 25 + Team Supoort
  • 5 Lakh Members
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Why Trade On Data (TOD)?

  • LIVE Webinar Classes:

    1. Why do we suggest LIVE Webinar Classes at TOD?

        LIVE Webinar is like a LIVE classroom where you will be learning powerful strategies and also you can ask doubts regarding the strategies learnt in LIVE classes. Or else you can get your doubts clarified by asking questions to your respective mentors.

    2. Do we miss qualitative learning if we miss the LIVE webinar?

        No, All sessions will be recorded and accessible to the recordings will be provided for a pre-defined time.

    3. Pros of LIVE Webinar?

        In the era of the internet education has become boundary-less and easy to pick up in your own free time. One can attend LIVE webinar while sitting in any corner of the world or can watch the recordings.

  • Longterm Support & Handholding

    1. Why long-term handholding is required?

        We at TOD believe that learning strategies without strengthening the emotional quotient will be a futile exercise. So we will support you until your emotions are balanced in LIVE Market to trade in a peaceful manner, unaffected by greed or fear.

    2. What is our approach in Long-term support and handholding?

        We will provide a lot of case studies, research work, and homework to make members remain active in the group and make them learn the strategies in-depth.

    3. What is the means through which we provide support?

        We will be having a premium telegram discussion group dedicated only to new learnings and sharing of ideas and experiences.

  • TOD Trainers and Mentors

    1. Are these mentors’ active traders?

        YES, they do trade and post their profit screenshots actively to motivate and inspire among the members.

    2. Do these mentors address QnA Sessions?

        Yes. Every weekend we have qualitative QnA sessions to clarify the doubts of the students.

  • Access to TOD Premium Groups

    1. What are TOD Premium Groups?

        At TOD we have formed separate groups to get highly accurate research calls and trading ideas directly from TOD trainers and Mentors. If you are a course member you will be provided access to these groups for a pre-defined period.

    2. Where to access these premium groups?

        All these groups are on telegram and you will be provided access for a limited period of time once you enroll for the course or services.

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