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About Us

“TOD (Trade on Data) is a dedicated branch of Stock Pro to provide education and highly accurate stock market research.”

TOD Stock Market Online Training Institute is a team of successful seasoned traders and investors who are experts in trading in trading options related to Nifty50, BankNifty, and Stocks.

TOD is a cumulative effort to bring together lessons learnt through experiences to enhance financial literacy. We have a dream to make financial literacy a stepping stone towards materializing financial freedom across the country.

We are a team of 25 traders cum trainers, out of which some are SEBI Registered and NISM Certified professionals. We will share research and methods which we have mastered over 15 years in the stock market.

We at TOD teach well-back tested strategies which are qualitative in terms of making profits in stock markets and hence making trading in the stock market a successful journey. We have powerful risk-management, money management, and trade management lessons factored into our strategies. Our motto is to make everyone financially literate and independent through our technical and fundamental strategies. In conclusion, learn before you earn so that you can trade and invest wisely.

Our Team